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Toll Free: 866.811.2321


Toll Free: 866.811.2321

Application Update Notes
Release 7.5.100
  • You may now link shared cameras from other customers into your account so you can view them all from within your dashboard. Simply input the sharing URL from any camera into the Link Cameras section under My Account. Additionally, you can create email subscriptions and alerts for any of the linked cameras.
Release 7.4.323
  • The time lapse image calendar for completed projects is now accessible online just like active projects.
Release 7.4.316
  • We've updated our time lapse rendering engine to provide you the best possible movies for showcasing your project. Multiple movie styles are generated automatically for you including a new daily movie updated nightly. You can now choose which movie style to view as well control its playback speed when using Watch Time-Lapse.
Release 7.4.280
  • TrueLook is happy to announce onboard security recording is now standard on all camera models.
Release 7.4.232
  • Our next generation of PTZ cameras are now available! They feature a high resolution 2 megapixel 1080p image, live streaming video, and 24x7 onboard security recording. Contact for pricing and additional details.
Release 7.4.190
  • Supported fixed cameras may be auto-focused by administrators in the Camera Settings area
  • Updated video player for improved playback experience
  • Drone photography services are now integrated with TrueLook -- learn more by contacting
Release 7.4.127
  • Explore your project virtually! Immerse yourself into PTZ panoramic images using your phone, a Google Cardboard viewer, or on your desktop computer. Move around and explore your jobsite as if you were there.
Release 7.4.92
  • PTZ camera viewfinders may now be updated by administrators in the Camera Settings area.
  • PTZ cameras now support click to move and drag-zoom operations directly on the live video stream.
  • Additional UI bug fixes and improvements.
Release 7.4.78
  • Image comparison capabilities have been enhanced and improved. You can now compare four images simultaneously in our new quad-view mode within your time lapse gallery. Additional improvements have been made to the comparison overlay mode as well.
Release 7.4.68
  • Slideshow mode - display or share your project's media without providing camera access.
Release 7.4.50
  • Live streaming engine improved, full screen video added for mobile.
  • Capability for administrators to disable camera access as needed.
Release 7.4.35
  • Real-time live HTML5 h264 streaming video has been for all devices has implemented. This feature will be rolled out to qualified accounts during Q1 2016.
  • Video inactivity timeout increased to 2 minutes.
  • Application load time optimized and reduced for increase performance.
Release 7.2.317
  • International current/historical weather and mapping support has been added.
  • Automatic time lapse generation algorithm improved to reduce file size, increase quality, and standardize the video frame rate.
  • Ability for administrators to delete security recordings has been added.
Release 7.2.310
  • New feature notification -- whenever TrueLook is updated, we'll alert you so that you can make sure to take advantage of our latest improvements.
Release 7.2.275
  • Intelligent "camera down" alerting - be notified if your camera has not recorded an image within a time frame you specify. Learn How
Release 7.2.264
  • Admins may now delete time lapse data from the system. This is an irreversible operation.
Release 7.2.232
  • Burn timestamp information directly onto images that you download.
Release 7.2.188
  • Image compare feature - compare any two time lapse images to examine your project's progress. Learn How
Release 7.2.121
  • Password reset and recovery feature now available via user login screen.
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Could Not Connect To Camera

The camera could be experiencing a momentary loss of power or data connection. Wait a moment and then retry. If you believe there is a continued problem, please report the issue.

Report An Issue


If you are the camera owner, you may contact TrueLook support 24/7 for assistance. However, before speaking with us, you may wish to check the following:

110VAC Systems

Verify that the camera has power. Often, a breaker can be tripped, a circuit is off, or someone has unplugged the camera. If you are 100% certain that power is reaching the camera, check for lights inside the unit. Can you hear sound or feel a vibration from the internal fan?

Solar-Powered Systems

A breaker may need to be reset. Open the battery box. Switch all breakers to OFF. Switch them back to ON in order. If the system is not online within 5 minutes after above, please contact support.

Live Access Has Been Disabled

Your camera administrator has disabled live access to this camera. The camera is still online and operating, but live viewing is not available at this time.

TrueLook Logo

Project is completed.

This project's media will always be accessible via TrueLook's web interface.
Upon request, we can deliver this data via a thumb drive - limit once per project.

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Export Movies or Images

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Media Export
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No statistics exist yet.

Please check back once your camera is live to review data here.

HD Security Recordings

Fetching A Video

Use the calendar below to select a date, then choose which videos to fetch from the camera's storage. Once the video(s) are fetched from the camera, you will receive an email notification. You can then watch or download the videos from this page.

Note for PTZ Cameras: You can set a default security-recording position for your camera. When the camera is not in-use, it will return to this preset of pan, tilt, and zoom coordinates. This can increase your chances of capturing any incidents. From your live Camera View, create a Preset View. Then select the Shield icon for the preset position you are most concerned with capturing on video.

TimeDuration (hour:min:sec)Fetch from CameraPlaySave to Computer

No security recordings exist yet.

Recordings are created automatically by the camera when motion is detected (if applicable) or as scheduled 24x7.

Admin Settings

Note: User settings are unique to each project.

Create User
Add User from Another Project

If you have multiple projects, users from other projects may be added here. Access to multiple projects activates the dashboard.

Access Levels Explained
Camera View
Control camera, see live imagery and video (if applicable)
YesYesYes, but no videoNo, recent image only
Time Lapses
Review time lapse images and watch movies
Photo Album
View/add to online album of saved images
YesYesYes, but no uploads allowedYes, but no access to mobile uploads
Project Info
Review information about the project
Media Export
Download and save project images and movies
Review camera usage stats
Admin Access
Create and modify users, time lapses, etc.

These links go directly to the camera interface, bypassing the login requirement. These may be useful if sharing your camera with the public, emailing the camera to a group, or any other instance where you wouldn't want to bother with user accounts. If you later wish to deny access via that URL, you can delete the link and it will no longer work.

Generate Delete
Generate Delete
Generate Delete

Additionally, you may wish to embed your camera interface directly onto your website. This is accomplished easily with simple HTML code. Provide one of the links above along with the code below to your web developer. They will merely need to insert the link and code onto your website. The camera will then be visible on your webpage with the proper aspect ratio.

<div style="width:100%; position:relative; margin:0; padding:0; padding-bottom:75% !important; ">
<iframe src="REPLACE WITH URL FROM ABOVE" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:1px solid #444; position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%; "></iframe>
<div style="width:100%; position:relative; margin:0; padding:0; padding-bottom:56.25% !important; ">
<iframe src="REPLACE WITH URL FROM ABOVE" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:1px solid #444; position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%; "></iframe>

TrueLook also offers the ability to showcase your project as a slideshow. This is useful for marketing and presentation purposes on your website or large display within your office. The slideshow will rotate through your time lapse images and movies and update daily with latest information. The slideshow can be linked to directly or embedded onto your website as directed above. This link provides no access to the camera whatsoever.

Generate Delete

Note: Emails are only sent when the camera is live and has time lapsed an image for the current day. The system will send an image that is closest to your subscribed time.

Active Subscriptions
Create Subscription

Camera specific settings may be altered here. Some options may not be available depending upon your camera type and/or if it is live.

Camera Viewfinder

Your camera viewfinder updates automatically shortly after your camera is powered up and once a week thereafter. If necessary, you may also manually update your viewfinder by clicking the update button. The process takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

Camera Focus

Your camera has an onboard auto-focus which can be triggered to fine-tune the image. If your camera image is not clear, you can use the focus to improve its clarity.

Focus camera
Disable Camera Access

By default, your camera is accessible by users who have a login and/or sharing link. However, there are times when you may wish to prevent users from viewing the live camera. By disabling camera access, non-admin users will not be able to view or interact with the camera. As an admin, you will still be able to operate and view the camera. All other camera operations, including collection of time lapse imagery, will still continue as normal.

Non-admin camera access is currently:

Link your Procore admin account here to allow TrueLook to automatically upload pictures into your project's photo album.

  1. Click here, log into procore account, and then accept Link account
  2. Deactivate or reconnect linkage? Select project

Our apologies - An error has occurred

If this error repeats, please contact

Upon close, this interface will reload itself.

Report Issue

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Create Time Lapse

Edit Time Lapse

Panoramic Time Lapse

  • A panoramic is a high resolution image created by stitching together multiple pictures from your camera.
  • Highlight the desired area in the image above you wish to capture.
  • It is best to choose just the area of interest of your project.
  • This will schedule a time-lapse using the camera's current view.
  • If using a PTZ camera, ensure that have aimed and zoomed the camera exactly where you want the time-lapse to occur.
  • The most common time-lapse interval is 15 minutes.
  • Remember, you may create multiple time-lapses to capture different camera views or schedules. You can also edit or pause/resume shots from the Time-Lapse page.
  • All times are based upon your time zone of .
  • You are able to edit a time lapse's start/end dates as well as the frequency.
  • If you pause a time lapse, it will no longer capture pictures until you restart it.
  • Any time lapse with an end date before today will not run anymore and is considered complete.
  • All times are based upon your timezone of .
  • Panoramics require a large amount of camera time and processing power to generate. As such, the minimum interval is every hour.
  • You may only create one panoramic time lapse. If you make an error or need to undo this operation, please contact support.
  • All times are based upon your timezone of .
Please enter a name for this time lapse.
Please enter a start date. Please enter an end date.
hours minutes

Delete Time Lapse

This will permanently delete the time-lapse and all associated images.

This cannot be undone. Any videos and images from this time-lapse will be gone forever.

Please re-enter your password to confirm.


Save Image To Photo Album

Sorry, this is a cached image and cannot be added to the album.

Please take another picture and try again.

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Shared Image Details

Access to this camera requires a login. You may view this shared image, but you will need a password to proceed further.